Here's My Story

When I was in university, I was scrolling on my phone when I noticed one of North America's top tech CEOs touring nearby. I ended up sending him a clever message, which led to a series of pranks and later a coffee meeting 1-1.

After our chat, I witnessed the role social media can play in building a relationship with someone that's important before you ever meet in person. 

I realized that if I didn't have my story online and I didn't take the initiative to send a clever message, that amazing conversation with someone way out of my league would have never happened. 

I believe when we curate our social media feeds in the right way and we can communicate our story online for the world to see, magical things can happen.

All it takes is the time, effort and strategy to turn your life story into something people can engage with online.

And that's what I love helping people create.

It was after that meeting that I knew building a personal brand was going to be the future.

And that I have the opportunity to help people recreate the same moments.

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