This Course is for YOU if...

  • You're a student or young professional wanting to build your career

  • You're tired of people telling you to "network" without telling you HOW

  • You're ready to write your own story online and make a name for youself

  • You want to leverage LinkedIn (a FREE platform) to network and get jobs or clients

Why LinkedIn?

If you're a student, you know the value of social media. For Linkedin, it's the same thing but focused on elevating your career:

Here's the stats: LinkedIn has 722 million users, 3 people are hired every minute, and the average user earns almost $50,000 USD per year. On LinkedIn, you can stand out: 2 million posts are made each day (compared with 500 million on Instagram). These facts alone make LinkedIn the EASIEST platform to connect with brands, industry leader, or recruiters and hiring managers around the world. LinkedIn is the best place to grow your career opportunities and establish yourself as an aspiring professional.

What's Included in the Course:

A no-fluff, practical video course packed with free tools to help you build your personal brand and network on LinkedIn. I know you're busy, so I made the course easy to complete while you're scarfing down a meal before your next class.

  • 2-3 short, actionable video lessons per chapter (see below)

  • Bonus downloads (think content prompts and collaboration ideas)

  • Two-way dialogue with Joel and other course participants

  • Certificate of Completion and lifetime course access

  • Ongoing access and connection with alumni community on LinkedIn

Jumpstart Your Career With These Tips, Tools, and Hacks:

  • 1

    Let's Get Started! (It's as easy as ABC)

    • Why LinkedIn? 💡

    • Setting Up Your Profile ✅

  • 2

    ADD: how to set up your feed and add meaningful connections

    • Storytime - How I met with the COO of Shopify 🚀

    • The BEST Tool for a Meaningful Feed 🔍

    • BONUS: LinkedIn Account Maximization Checklist 📌

  • 3

    BUILD: plug into your ideal community

    • Storytime - The highest ROI comment I ever left 🚀

    • Using Comments to Build Your Ideal Community 💬

    • Leveraging Dead-Time 🚌

    • LinkedIn Time-Management Breakdown ⏰

  • 4

    CREATE: how to find your voice and start making noise

    • Storytime - How I got over 1 million views (the first time) 🚀

    • Content Creation 101 ✏️

    • Content Examples 🔦

    • BONUS: Content Prompts 📌

  • 5

    CONNECT: network, network, network!

    • Storytime - How LinkedIn opportunities changed my career 🚀

    • Reaching Out 📲

    • BONUS: Collaboration Ideas 📌

  • 6

    What Now?!

    • CELEBRATE... and get after it! 🏆

If 2021 is teaching us anything,

it’s that NOW is the most important time to be searchable and trustworthy online.

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Meet the Creator

Joel started his LinkedIn journey while in University, and he is now a recognized Marketing Advisor, 2 Time TEDx Speaker on Social Media, and Communications Chair for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. He's also a former LinkedIn Youth Editor. 

On LinkedIn, he's produced content on an individual and corporate level that's earned 10 million+ views with some stories gaining 1 million+ impressions alone. 

Joel has also notably been recognized by Daily Hive as one of Vancouver's Top 30 Tech Influencers to follow and also featured by GoDaddy as a thought leader in the influencer marketing space. 

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What Others Are Saying About Joel

Duncan Wardle

Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney

How Joel doesn’t top the TOP 30 young entrepreneur list every year is beyond me. His business acumen is immense and his sense of purpose is remarkably humbling. He also happens to be a really smashing bloke :)

Steve Vanagas

VP Customer Communications, Brand Marketing and Public Affairs at Translink

Joel is a bright and engaging speaker who brings the science - and art - of social media and social networking to life. All of us who work in the field of marketing and communications need to keep up with the latest tools and platforms for communicating with people. I've been fortunate to meet Joel who not only knows the ins and outs of social platforms, he also knows how to teach professional communicators and marketers how they can use social platforms to achieve their organization's goals.

Natalie Riso

Marketing @ 500 Startups | 3x Linkedin Top Voice

Joel knows how to bring together talented people for a bigger purpose and motivate everyone to do their absolutely best. I have had the privilege of being able to work with him on multiple events and projects, and can honestly say that he puts his 100% into everything he does and continues to grow his reputation as the ultimate mood-maker in a room. He is so talented at not only growing his network, but maintaining valuable, thoughtful relationships with each and every one of his connections. Joel continues to amaze everyone he meets, and I fully recommend him as a great leader and team member!

Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW of Work | International Speaker | Bestselling Author - Rethink WorkI would recommend Joel again and again and look forward to working with him again in the near future, as often as possible.

I would recommend Joel again and again and look forward to working with him again in the near future, as often as possible.

Jumpstart your future by building a personal brand on LinkedIn... for only $30